The Institute for Transport Studies of the University of Leeds is the UK’s largest university group devoted to transport research.

With more than 65 staff members, it has been judged to be ‘internationally excellent in terms of originality, significance and rigour’ and was 2nd in terms of research power – a measure capturing quantity and quality in the latest Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise and was the first British university department to obtain ISO 9001 certification for its research quality assurance procedures.

The research is sponsored by a variety of organisations, including the UK Department for Transport, the European Commission, and the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The Institute prides itself on its inter- and multi-disciplinary nature. The staff come from a wide variety of background disciplines, including engineering, environment, mathematics, computing, psychology, economics, geography and social science.

They have provided expert advice to international organisations such as the World Bank, the European Commission and the International Transport Forum, to national governments around the world and to UK entities such as the House of Commons Transport Select Committee. They also serve as editors and/or members of the editorial boards of many leading transport journals and play a prominent role in the organisation of international transport conferences. They have provided sustainable contributions to more than 120 EU projects.

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