The new F-Max, designed and produced by optiTruck partner Ford Otosan, has been chosen as the Truck of the Year 2019 by a panel of journalists. With a winning score of 126 votes, it becomes the first truck made outside of Europe to receive the prestigious award.

Ford Otosan General Manager Haydar Yenigün was presented the award on behalf of the company at the IAA Commercial Vehicle Show in Hanover, Germany on 19th September.

The annual International Truck of the Year Award is presented to the truck launched in the previous 12 months that has made the greatest contribution to road transport efficiency. Jury members take into account several important criteria including technological innovation, comfort, safety, driveability, fuel economy, environmental footprint and Total Cost of Ownership.

During a recent test drive in Turkey, the jury members praised the efficiency and advanced characteristics of the F-Max’s driveline, which include Eco-Roll (optimised coasting in neutral), Adaptive Cruise Control and GPS-based Predictive Cruise Control functions. The F-Max mobilises a quiet in-line six-cylinder 12,7-litre Ford Ecotorq Euro 6 engine rated at 500 HP, combined with the ZF 12-speed Traxon automated gearbox.

Inside the cabin, further innovations offer a ‘comfortable, ergonomic, user-friendly working and living environment’ thanks to a flat floor, increased storage capacity, and a new digital instrument cluster featuring the connectivity platform ConnecTruck.

Summing up the jury vote, International Truck of the Year Chairman Gianenrico Griffini commented: “With the introduction of F-Max, Ford Trucks has delivered a fine engineered tractor that can be a meaningful new player in the highly competitive segment of long-haul transport.”

The new F-Max will be used as a testbed for the optiTruck global optimiser, which leverages the environment data related to the transport mission, road topography, weather, and road conditions and surrounding vehicles for optimal fuel consumption.

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