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Optimal fuel consumption with Predictive Power Train Control and calibration for intelligent trucks

Real driving trials

Real driving trials demonstrating optiTruck solutions will take into account road topography, traffic and weather condition, vehicle configuration and transport mission.

Global optimiser

A global optimiser will consist of dynamic, intelligent control and prediction components designed for effective powertrain management. Optimiser will utilise the environment data related to the transport mission, road topography, weather and road conditions and surrounding vehicles.

Impact assessment methodology

A comprehensive impact assessment methodology will extend these demonstrations to a wider evaluation and explore potential benefits of using the rich cloud data sources and powerful computing facilities for modelling and simulation.

Methodology will also take account of social equity, economic, and environmental factors in the assessment to address the main societal challenges for the sector.

Global collaboration

A stakeholder Forum will not only enable the exchange of existing knowledge between automotive industries, but also promote horizontal collaboration in new ways essential for wider uptake of energy saving solutions across the sector, Europe and the world.

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